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Daimler armoured car F20333 AC415.(48ZU73) Manufactured 1942.


A fully working and road registered Daimler armoured car well known on the south east of England show circuit. Winner of ‘runner up best wheeled armour ‘ at the war and peace show on several occasions.

The vehicle was restored 2009 and successfully completed the 400 mile duration, Liberation task force tour of the Netherlands in 2015.


 of F20333


The vehicle is 95% original with replica parts being limited to some of the interior fittings and also external smoke dischargers.  There are a very few minor interior fittings such as water bottle holders required to finish, but patterns are available to assist replication.

It is presented in an not over restored WW2 service condition and everything is working except for the deactivated armaments.


Price £100,000 ono  (parts marked thus * are fitted to the vehicle and included within the price)

Additionally the following ancillaries, parts and equipment are available subject to subject to separate negotiation. There are potently enough spare parts to ensure that the vehicles stays running well into the future or to greatly assist in the restoration of another vehicle.


Its being sold due to ill health of the owner.


Special Vehicle tools and equipment:

1. One number Fluid flywheel filler

2. One number Brake ring adjusting tool.

3. One number Set of spanners

4. * One number Wisco oil can

5. One number wheel nut tool

6. * One number 4.5 tonne jack with handle

7. One number Starting handle

8. * One number Pickaxe

9. * One number spade

10. * Two number WW2 dated petrol cans

11. One number 1 quart oil can.

12. One number 2 quart oil can

13. One number large funnel.

14. One set of WW2 style Padlocks

15. Lightweight replica bonnet

16. * One number Replica external fire extinguisher

17. One number steel tow rope and two shackles


Radio and communications

1. * One number 19 set complete with variometer

2. * One number 19 set A and B aerial mounts.

3. One number driver’s communication button box.

4. One number commander’s communication / control box.

5. A set of three number WW2 headsets original.

6. One number WW2 headsets converted to clansman.

7. * One number clansman intercom system working and complete.

8. * A set of three number clansman intercom headsets (plus spares)

9. * One number clansman intercom drivers noise cancelling headset

10. * One number clansman intercom / commanders helmet

11. One number 19 set spare valve box with valves

12. Aerial rods.


Armaments & sighting.

1. One number BESA MG special firing mechanism and Bowden cable

2. One number BESA MG belt filled with shell cartridges

3. Three number WW2 dated BESA MG steel belt ammo tin

4. four number steel 303 ammo belt tins

5. * One number Thin thickness front armoured glass

6. One number medium thickness front armoured glass

7. Two number thick front armoured glass

8. One number NOS upper turret Periscope complete

9. One number NOS gunners episcope complete

10. Three number spare sight glasses for periscope and episcope in original fitting box.

11. 20 number 2PDR shell cases with fuses

12. 15 number 2PDR training shell heads

13. 10 number 2PDR AP shell heads

14. Two number replica AA 100 round Bren drum mags and holder.

15. One number central Grenade box and 6 replica grenades to fill.

16. One number main gun/BESA remote trigger and mount.

17. *Main armament. With traverse elevation equipment and telescope.

18.  Three number No 33 2PDR / MG telescopes

18. BESA


Mechanical spares Drivetrain

1. One number NOS gearbox.

2. Two number NOS Rear bevel box crown and pinion wheel s

3. Two number Front bevel box complete.

4. Eight number NOS DAC tractor joint knuckles (LV9/ASC FV51063)

5. * One number spare wheel carrier with serviceable spare wheel.

6. Two number NOS drivers seat covers

7. Two number NOS wheel station reduction gear assemblies

8. Four number brake rings

9. Various spare wheel station and axle castings and other assemblies

10. One number rear steering box assembly

11. One number front steering box assembly internal

12. One number front steering box assembly external

13. two number front steering arms

14. At least one number spare of every possible drive axle.

15. Set of used but serviceable tractor joints of early & latter ‘oil thrower’ type.


Mechanical spares Engine

1. Two number spare carbs

2. One number NOS fuel pump.

3. One number NOS ignition distributor with new leads and plug caps

4. One number original Ignition coil

5. One Number original ignition radio suppressor

6. Four Number NOS main bearings LV5/BM 405685/5

7. One number NOS water pump

8. One number Daimler DH27 engine (complete for spares)

9. One number sump and oilpump assembly

10. One number NOS cylinder head with cam and followers

11. One set of 12 number NOS inlet and exhaust a valves.

12. One number starter motor

13. ?? number NOS copper head gaskets

14. ?? number NOS exhaust gaskets

15. ?? number various engine gaskets

16. One number oil cooler

17. * One number NOS silencer


Mechanical spares Electrical

1. One number NOS search light

2. One number used search/ spot light

3. One number used butlers convoy light

4. One number used butlers tail light LV6/MT3

5. One number Spare Generator

6. One number Spare generator control panel

7. One number wonder light butlers 6/VEH/661CB28B

8. One number main battery / master cut out switch


Literature & Films

1. One number workshop manual (copy)

2. One number parts manual (copy)

3. One number original operators manual large with pull-out sheets

4. One number original operators manual small.

5. One number copy of the DFV Historical Research project

6. One set of WW2 dated WD training and other films pertinent to the vehicle.


Tentage and field equipment with which to show and dress the vehicle

1. One number WW2 style side hung vehicle tent with poles.

2. Three number 1950’s dated pixie suits various sizes.

3. One number officers bed roll.

4. One number large 1943 dated ammo box for side mounting.

5. One number turret camouflage  net

6. One number cooking tins for external stowage

7. One number No 2 field cooker