Infantry - Reconnaissance Regiments



1st Infantry Reconnaissance Regiment

2nd Infantry Reconnaissance

3rd Infantry Recce - Northumberland Fusiliers

4th Infantry Reconnaissance Regiment

5th Infantry Reconnaissance Regiment



6th Infantry Airborne Recce Corps



7th Infantry Regiment - The Buffs (141st RAC)

10th Royal Lincolnshire Regiment - of foot



15th Infantry Reconnaissance - Scottish Division



43rd Infantry Reconnaissance - Wessex



46th Infantry Reconnaissance



50th Reconnaissance Regiment - Northumberland



52nd Reconnaissance Regiment - Lowland Div



56th Infantry Reconnaissance



161st Reconnaissance Regiment Green Howards




The G.H.Q. Liason Regiment - Phantom




Mounted Infantry - Guards Armoured   




Royal Artillery




Royal Engineers, Royal Army Service Corps & Officer Training Units




Royal Air Force & Royal Navy


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Index of Regiments that used Daimler Fighting Vehicles,

Foreign Regiments that 
used Daimler Fighting
Foreign regiments
Foreign Regiments that 
used Daimler Fighting
Foreign regiments
DFV-File Part D007a- Infantry 1st-5th Recce.pdf
DFV-File Part D007m- Guards Units.pdf
DFV-File Part D007x- Engineers & Training Units.pdf
DFV-File Part D008-RAF &  Navy.pdf
DFV-File Part D007y- Royal Artilary.pdf
DFV-File Part D007b- Infantry 6th airbourne Recce.pdf
DFV-File Part D007c- Infantry 7th -10th  Recce.pdf
DFV-File Part D007d- Infantry 15th Scottish Recce.pdf
DFV-File Part D007e- Infantry 43rd Wessex Recce.pdf
DFV-File Part D007f- Infantry 52nd lowland Recce.pdf
DFV-File Part D007h- Infantry 56 Infantry Recce.pdf
DFV-File Part D007i- Infantry 161st green howards Recce.pdf
DFV-File Part D007k- GCHQ Phanton.pdf
DFV-File Part D007f- Infantry 50th  Northumbrian Recce.pdf
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46th Recce
46th Recce