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The Surviving Daimler Dingo Cars and Car History



The following document is a work in progress and the author still has over 2000 individual car records from the 1946 key cards to manually transcribe.  


The vehicle register is an edited collation of over 5500 separate photos and other records, collected over a 15 year period.


It is freely published for the benefit of those interested in the service of Daimler dingo scout cars.


Please do not take the information compiled and act as an self appointed expert on the subject!


Cutting the author out of the communication loop is very unhelpful and will prevent the expansion of the compiled knowledge recorded here.


Please contact me directly to request information, seek clarification, add information or notify of any suspected error or omission.



If you can help with the provision of the following:


•Historic photos of dingos with visible F, ZS, ZV, ZR or other vehicle numbers


•Copies of the dingo contract cards


•Copies of key cards (I have most of these but some cards have been lost)


•Details of any known vehicle history


•Photographs of 1940s to modern scrap yards with dingo’s.


•Photographs of dingos on firing ranges (as targets)


•Copies of old military vehicle auction catalogues




Please feel free too contact me on the following address singeager@yahoo.co.uk


With thanks ‘Singe’.


DFV-File Part G MASTER DATA REGISTER - 2022 Octo.pdf


Details of known car history and surviving vehicle