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Design and 
Development of the Dingo
 & Armoured Car
develop DSC

The authors 1944 Daimler Dingo & 1942 Daimler Armoured car

The authors 1944 Daimler Dingo being thrashed around the arena at the War & Peace Show 2008.

Shortly before it expired with an expensive clunk - (Lesson learned!)

For sale

The authors 1942 Daimler Armoured Car at the War & Peace Show 2013.




In early 2005 I attended a vintage car show in Chatham Historic Dockyard, and there among the other 1930’s and 40’s vehicles was a car that I had never set eyes on before and new absolutely nothing about.


It was not fast, it was not shiny. And it certainly was not going to make me a hit with the ladies.

But being very heavy, tough looking and green and I thought ‘Wow that’s really great!’

My next thought was............................ ‘where can I get one’?


The car in question was a Daimler Scout Car and after a year of searching I managed to acquire one and have since enjoyed driving it around to other shows or events through out the south east of Great Britain.


At these events I met countless ex servicemen who  enthralled me with tales of there exploits during WW2 to the early 1970’s.

And so began a fascination with the history of both the car and also those men who bravely served in them.


Some initial research quickly discovered that there are not many surviving cars and that very little history of the cars has been recorded.  Where information has been published it generally brief and sometimes incorrect or contradictory.


This project seeks to redress this shortfall is intended to act as a focal point for the continued research.


The fruits of the project owe a lot to the members of the Facebook ‘Dingo Scout Car Society’  and the dedicated band of other enthusiasts, who have helped to supply and ensure that the information given is as accurate as possible.


If any reader finds any error or omission I would be glad to receive any constructive criticism or additional information……..


Since this project was commenced I acquired a Daimler Armoured car and a further two dingos which have all been fully restored by myself. Accordingly the scope of has been revised to include the armoured car as well as the scout car.


Sadly in 2017, ill health forced me to sell my much loved vehicles, but despite this I retain a strong interest in the vehicles


Those persons who have detailed knowledge of the vehicles are recommended to join the following Facebook sites.  These have been set up and are intended to provide a forum for owners of the surviving vehicles to trade information and communicate with each other.

As implied the below links also contain a register of surviving vehicles and the results of research into the individual service history of particular vehicles.




Dingo Scout Car Society






Daimler Armoured Car Appreciation Society





I am con be contacted on the Dingo Scout Car Society page above


Stjohn ‘ Singe’ Ager  MCIHT(Retired)


March 2024








The authors three vehicles loaded up and ready to be taken to a show  2015.


Surviving Vehicles
Dingo Scout Car
Surviving DSC
Surviving Vehicles
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